About Glass Weirdo…. in other words, me!

I guess you could say molten glass is in my blood.  My Great Great Grandfather on my mother’s side was a glass blower in the 1800’s and for as long as I can remember I’ve been mesmerized by the notion that people could make things by melting glass, never dreaming that one day that would be me.   It wasn’t until the summer of 2016 at an SCA event (Society for Creative Anachronism) that I got my chance and I was HOOKED!  I started getting equipment together and finally in Oct 2017 I sat down at my very own torch, too terrified to even light the thing.   Thankfully I have an amazing husband who has supported me in this journey who would light the torch for me until I felt comfortable enough to do it myself.

The name Glass Weirdo came from when I made a glass finger and a friend called me a Weirdo.  My reply was, “that’s Glass Weirdo to you!”, the name stuck.  Thanks Rick.  But it fits.